One of the largest offerings of Charolais bulls in Canada

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100+ Yearlings

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Steppler Farms offers one of the largest offerings of purebred Charolais bulls in Canada with over 100+ bulls selling. We also sell

Our genetic mission statement is calving ease with the premium. Steppler bull’s calving ease will add to your bottom line, increase your pounds sold, improve calf health and survivability, and the fertility of your cow herd. Calving ease is so fundamental to the bottom line, with more calves sold with greater health and improved rebreeding rates.

Each bull is evaluated and scored to aid in the selection of the bull that adequately fits your herd’s needs. We are consistently investing in our leading Charolais genetics to move the genetic progression forward. Check out our industry-leading warranty programs as well. Nobody stands behind their product as we do!


All bulls sold through the bull sales are covered for all injury and death 6 months after the bull sale date with ZERO PREMIUM.

  • You will receive a full sales credit to be used in next year’s bull sale. Steppler Farms will only cover up to a $10,000 investment on a bull. If a buyer wants to cover a more expensive bull, he or she will need to deal with their own outside insurance

  • The buyer must contact Steppler Farms immediately to ensure coverage is within the 6 month warranty date.

  • Buyer will receive a backup bull to get their cows bred at zero charge to the buyer.

We want to make sure the sale bull you purchase meets your requirements. Not all bulls work out as hoped. Steppler Farms sale bulls have met the following requirements in our goal of ensuring customer satisfaction when you purchase a sale bull: satisfactory body condition score, with a signed transferable registration paper.

  • All bulls have passed a semen evaluation and are sold with a semen report

  • All bulls are selected for sound structure with breeding capability

  • All bulls are handled and are guaranteed to be able to be worked with proper handling skills

  • All bulls have been fed a high forage diet which develops the bulls to be able to recondition themselves.


The Herd Bull Guarantee is as follows:
After 1 breeding season – 75% sales credit of the original sale price to be used in the next year’s sale

Year 2 – 50% sales credit of the original sale price to be used in the next year’s sale

Year 3 – 25% sales credit of the original sale price to be used in the next year’s sale
If you are not satisfied with your bull sale purchase, please contact me first.

The best part of both of these programs – you are dealing with Andre directly. There is no middle man, no run-around. Just call Andre. 

Each breeding season can come with its own challenges and unexpected injuries or losses can occur. Trying to locate a high quality bull outside the bull sale season can be a daunting task. We are here to help get your cows breed and to a great bull.

  • Gives us a call/message that one of our Steppler Bulls has went down, regardless or age or reason

  • We will supply you a great back up bull to that fits your breeding goals and delivered in a timely manner. That bull comes back to Steppler Farms when your breeding season or the mature bull recovers.

  • Steppler Farms will charge a $1000 at this time for this service. Now this is the best part, that $1000 turns into credit at the next years bull sale. See it as a down payment on your next herd sire.

The majority of cattlemen’s programs have changed in the past decade; with larger cattle herds and more calves born on grass, calving assists must be minimal. Calving ease has always been an important consideration in our breeding program so therefore we have included a calving ease score to help you select your next herd sires.

We provide in the catalogue actual birthweights, and birthweight and calving ease EPDs. Before selecting your next sire first evaluate your cow herd and breeding program and know the type of bulls that work for you. All bulls should sire calves with high levels of vigour at birth with the majority being born unassisted as long as the bulls are used on the recommended cow type.

I should note that we run several different types and ages of females, so we have used bulls on all 4 levels of our calving ease score. By using our calving ease score, you get my best evaluation of a bull’s calving ability.

Ask these questions when you evaluate in your cow herd:

What are my calving ease expectations and program goals?

What does my cow herd look like? 

Breed, cow size, age of female, female genetics

What are my management factors? 

Nutrition, exercise, time and interval of calving

What are the outside influences?


My criteria when I determine a bull’s calving ease score:

How the bull is made. Structural soundness for calving ease. Smooth shouldered, smaller head, degree of bone, balance

Days between conception and birth date.

Maternal calving ease
Pedigree – How predictable and consistent has the pedigree been for calving. Ex. Inconsistency can come from a larger birthweight grandmother

Actual Birthweight and calving ease
Each calf is weighed and a calving ease score given at the time of birth

Weather and nutrition of dam in the last 30 days of gestation. Calves’ birthweights and calving ease can be substantially different when comparing calves born 1st of January to those born the 1st of March.

Outside factors affecting the calf’s actual data
Twin, placenta issues, dam injury etc.

CCA EPD data scale

1 – Recommend for heifers and cows
2 – Recommended for second time calves and mature cows.
3 – Recommended for smaller framed and larger mature cows.
4 – Recommended for mature cows.
5 – Bulls taken out – None provided

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