Established in 1922

Our Story

Purchased in


Purchased by Dan's father, Arnold Steppler in 1921. In 1970, Dan Steppler started farming; later he and Pat married in 1973 and together they built a grain and purebred Charolais cattle operation on which they raised their family of four boys – Ian, Geoff, Adam, and Andre.

In 2008, through succession planning and incorporation, the farm was restructured into a large grain, cattle, and beekeeping operation. Adam and Geoff manage the 3500-acre Grain Farm, Andre manages the 500 head purebred Charolais Cattle and the 150 head Commercial Angus herd, and Ian manages the 1500 hive honey bee apiary.

A Family run


Succession continues to play a pivotal role in the growth and development at Steppler Farms.

The interaction among the three farm enterprises gives the farm a unique perspective. The adoption of new farming technologies and management strategies, the progressive and innovative cattle breeding program and the forays into queen bee rearing and progressive hive management sets Steppler Farms apart and has enabled it to succeed as a family run business like no other. 

The Farms' Evolution
As Steppler Farms becomes a Century Farm, the families look forward to managing its evolution into the future generations. Learn more about each sector of our operation: