Unfiltered Pure Clean Bee’s Wax

Unfiltered Bees Wax from Steppler Farms Apiary. The wax we have for sale is the wax rendered from the wax cappings during the honey extraction process.


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As the honey bee cures the nectar into honey, each individual cell filled with cured honey is capped with a thin layer of wax to seal and preserve it. Before we extract the honey from these combs, we need to remove each and every wax capping so that we are able to remove the honey from the combs as we harvest it.

Cappings wax is the cleanest and purest wax you can buy. This wax is produced from the youngest bees within the hive and this wax will only be a few weeks old before we collect it as we harvest the honey. This wax is not filtered but rather strained. This wax is as close as you can get from pulling it straight from the hive (which I prefer in my candles anyway because the specs of honey and pollen make for a better aroma).

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Weight 1.46 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 cm

1 Block, 2 Blocks