Creamed Canola Honey

Steppler Farms Creamed Canola Honey. The Honey we provide for sale is primarily canola honey harvested from the vast acreage of Canola crops grown within our apiary.



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This honey is naturally mixed with alfalfa and clover that is scattered across the countryside which complements the Canola’s unique and mild taste. Canola honey is a premium sought-after product because of its sweet mild taste which doesn’t have an overwhelming presence which makes it perfect for a sweetener in your morning cup of coffee, tea, or for any type of baking.

Naturally, Canola honey will granulate into a hardened block which makes it difficult to use. We have naturally manipulated this granulation process to prepare the honey into a firm but the smooth and soft product (creamed). This makes the honey easy to use, less messy, and preferred by consumers around the world. Once you use our honey, you will look specifically for it on your retail shelf. I specifically sell my honey out of the honey house but my honey is also prepared for worldwide retail sales under the BeeMaid Honey brand. 

Available as 1 kg creamed (pasteurized) or 1 kg unfiltered RAW (non pasteurized).

Additional information

Weight1.16 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

creamed (pasteurized), unfiltered RAW (non pasteurized)