May 10 2019

It’s been a cold First half of May, I’d say Mother Nature just put a 2 week pause in progress. The hives are hungry but growing. My attempt to maintain positive terrific growth comes with managing the nest tight but doing this either requires more work or walking that fine line. I’ve pulled the trigger, boxes are going out! NOW! Space feed and work is required right now

April 25 2019

I added two more workers to my bee staff this week (university students finished exams and keen on making money) and I put them straight to work. I have Carrie running the crew dropping strips and feeding; and just like that, I’m finally caught up. Second round of patties on, 2 pails of syrup fed and all the pails collected, brought back to the honey house, Apivar strips in, and I’m plugging away with colony assessments. Cool weather has been forecasted…which I will embrace as I plan to spend those days moving Bee hives out to their summer yards. So much pollen around that needs to be utilized by my bees 🙂
It’s been so busy here on the honey farm I have not had the chance to help with work on the grain farm, not to mention the mountain of work on the cattle farm. It never slows down here!

April 20 2019

It’s a busy time of year, bees are flying, cattle are in heat, the tractor and air seeder has been pointed to the field. I’m getting too far behind on my work but thinking back to last fall of my concerns of my hives not successfully wintering, behind in my work is a good thing. My bees are alive 🙂
My university students are just about done writing exams and they are keen to start work next week. With my increase of work staff we will be able to get straight into mite treatments and get caught up quite smartly.

The hives look fantastic, there is pollen flowing in, time to move these babies out into their summer locations.

April 11 2019

Another cold night, another cold day. Nothing I can do but wait for bee working weather! We have started to push through and work with the slightest ray of sunlight. Yesterday the bees were flying at 1 degree Celsius foraging for Ultrabee that had been set out for them. Mid afternoon the temp rose to 3 degrees and we found a warmer calm yard which allowed us to open up some hives to put in protein patties. I don’t like to disturb the nest too much in cold weather because the disturbance is stressful and typically those bees that fly out or get tapped onto the ground simply chill and die. Yesterday the bees were making it back but the work was slow as the bees move out of the way slowly as we try to place patties in the top bars.
Things will turn, and I better be ready to work when it does!

April 9 2019

One, maybe 2 good bee days in April so far…, my bees need more flight time in warmth to enable growth and development. >>NOW is the time<< to put out protein patties on the hives! First thing out of the shed we blanket fed syrup to halt starvation losses. That worked nicely, but now I need those patties out! With very little pollen stores in the nests I need to supplement with patties until the trees start dropping pollen. It has been too cold to open the hives, but maybe it’s time to start pushing those boundaries that I test so often. Right now is one of the most critical times of the year, the switch over. This is when those winter bees develop that spring nest and rejuvenate its growth into the new year. Soon as that starts, that time clock starts ticking…if the conditions don’t improve, I’ll start seeing those classic symptoms of dwindling.

March 29 2019


The nights are still dipping to -10’s, the day time highs are hardly reaching 2… A good old slow and steady melt which is great for the land but slow for the bees. Patience is the trick! If the 2 hives I had set out earlier and brought back in, I fed them some protein supplement. They devoured that which means they are looking for protein! The sooner I can get them out, the sooner I can get supplement protien on them and the sooner they can ramp brooding into spring production!!