June 1 2019

The nice weather has finally came and everything is making up for lost time. Dandelions, fruit trees, berries all are in brilliant full bloom which has provided the abundance for my hives to feast on. The hives are just going through another major hatch which instantly fill these boxes with bees. The more bees, the more workers, the more resource that is brought into the hives. These hives have gone from on the verge of hungry to nearly plugged out. It’s my job to ensure the hives have enough space to continue growing and to manage the hive’s population to avoid swarming. I have instantly fallen behind but thanks to my excellent work staff most all of my need to do jobs are done as I focus on the immediate need to split the hives.
My goal is to take the wealth while it’s here and we are putting in the long hours to take it all!! 👍