June 16 2019

A Manitoba video edit request from the Canadian Honey Council for The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress, Montréal Canada, September 8-12 2019. I had originally put together 10 min which I edited down to 5, but I was told, NO! 30-40 seconds! Lol
1:11 min edit was the best I could do 🙂👍

June 5 2019

We probably went 3-4 days longer with the graft than needed but I wanted to make for sure that I have enough cells to finish off the split. Problems happen. We are so late with the split this year. Most beekeepers tell me they are all caught up with their work already, I’m not. I don’t feel behind but when I look at the calendar I definitely am. The thing is though, I’m right in step with natures pace. If I consider my timing along side nature, then I’m right on time of not ahead! I try my hardest not to beekeep by the calendar but sometimes practicality rules the day. Tomorrow the last of the splits will be pulled off, then straight into queen checks on Monday!

June 1 2019

The nice weather has finally came and everything is making up for lost time. Dandelions, fruit trees, berries all are in brilliant full bloom which has provided the abundance for my hives to feast on. The hives are just going through another major hatch which instantly fill these boxes with bees. The more bees, the more workers, the more resource that is brought into the hives. These hives have gone from on the verge of hungry to nearly plugged out. It’s my job to ensure the hives have enough space to continue growing and to manage the hive’s population to avoid swarming. I have instantly fallen behind but thanks to my excellent work staff most all of my need to do jobs are done as I focus on the immediate need to split the hives.
My goal is to take the wealth while it’s here and we are putting in the long hours to take it all!! 👍