April 25 2019

I added two more workers to my bee staff this week (university students finished exams and keen on making money) and I put them straight to work. I have Carrie running the crew dropping strips and feeding; and just like that, I’m finally caught up. Second round of patties on, 2 pails of syrup fed and all the pails collected, brought back to the honey house, Apivar strips in, and I’m plugging away with colony assessments. Cool weather has been forecasted…which I will embrace as I plan to spend those days moving Bee hives out to their summer yards. So much pollen around that needs to be utilized by my bees 🙂
It’s been so busy here on the honey farm I have not had the chance to help with work on the grain farm, not to mention the mountain of work on the cattle farm. It never slows down here!