April 11 2019

Another cold night, another cold day. Nothing I can do but wait for bee working weather! We have started to push through and work with the slightest ray of sunlight. Yesterday the bees were flying at 1 degree Celsius foraging for Ultrabee that had been set out for them. Mid afternoon the temp rose to 3 degrees and we found a warmer calm yard which allowed us to open up some hives to put in protein patties. I don’t like to disturb the nest too much in cold weather because the disturbance is stressful and typically those bees that fly out or get tapped onto the ground simply chill and die. Yesterday the bees were making it back but the work was slow as the bees move out of the way slowly as we try to place patties in the top bars.
Things will turn, and I better be ready to work when it does!