April 9 2019

One, maybe 2 good bee days in April so far…, my bees need more flight time in warmth to enable growth and development. >>NOW is the time<< to put out protein patties on the hives! First thing out of the shed we blanket fed syrup to halt starvation losses. That worked nicely, but now I need those patties out! With very little pollen stores in the nests I need to supplement with patties until the trees start dropping pollen. It has been too cold to open the hives, but maybe it’s time to start pushing those boundaries that I test so often. Right now is one of the most critical times of the year, the switch over. This is when those winter bees develop that spring nest and rejuvenate its growth into the new year. Soon as that starts, that time clock starts ticking…if the conditions don’t improve, I’ll start seeing those classic symptoms of dwindling.