December 11 2018

Daily wax chores once again, pouring out some Christmas orders. Tis the season!
The rest is being snatched up of premium 🙂
It’s a quiet time consuming job, but it’s one of a beekeeper’s favourite job of the year. Very restful.

December 10, 2018

Take a walk through our sale heifer pen, live with Andre. Our sales catalogue can be found here on our website across the pages in the Cattle Section.

Follow along with our YouTube links to the entire video list of our heifers:


Piece of the Program heifer sale, December 12 2018, on farm, live video broadcast found at:

December 9 2018

Here is a video edit of all my queen rearing videos for the 2018 season. I hope this can provide a bit of perspective on the work we do around queen rearing on this farm. We employ some very specific management practices as we understand this craft, but notice the basics we follow throughout which ultimately lead to our queen rearing success. If you have any questions on this, dont hesitate to contact me through email. Cheers!

December 3 2018

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission Convention was a successful event, well attended and days of very interesting presentations given throughout the event. Sandy and I were treated like Royalty. Here I stand with Dave Gane, the beekeeper who lined me up for their event. He’s a dedicated beekeeper, bringing his new born along to the convention not to miss the action!

November 24 2018

Dave Gane from the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission has invited me to bring basic practical Beekeeping to the conversation at their upcoming Convention held November 29th and 30th.

I’ll be speaking on Thursday November 29th in the afternoon on Single Hive Management as I walk through a year on my honey farm. This is where I lay out my thoughts on my practice as I manage the brood nest throughout the year.

Then at 9:00 Friday November 30th, I’ll speak on “Beekeeping on the Prairies”. This is where I elaborate on all the methods and techniques of managing the honey farm work throughout the year. I’ll speak on my Ezyloader, Escapes, my Extraction Facility, Feeding, Indoor Wintering and if only I have time, I’ll speak on how I set up my Cell Builder and manage the grafted cells through it, the Incubator and Multi Queen Nucs for mating.

With all the technical presentations with conventions, sometimes it’s nice just to hear about Beekeeping! I hope that I can provide the SBDC with a good solid dose of that!
I’m looking forward to the event held at the Radisson in Saskatoon. Hope to see you there!

November 22 2018

I’ve been asked to speak at the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission Annual Convention, November 29 and 30th, at the Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon SK.
I’ve been asked to bring Beekeeping to the crowd, just like I love to do, talk Beekeeping Beekeeping Beekeeping!

First presentation will be 1:00, Nov 29th. Farm Profile, Single Hive Management.

Second presentation will be 9:00, Nov 30th. Beekeeping on the Prairies, Ezyloader, Escapes, Extracting Facility, Indoor Wintering.

Looking forward to the event. I’m going to show you what I do, Hope to see you there!

Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission

November 20 2019


In attendance at the November Red River Apiarist Association meeting, sitting on a beekeepers panel, with the “bandanna” hobby beekeeper Rheal Lafreniere, not to be confused with Provincial Apiary Rheal Lafreniere!

Sandy and Ian with Liz Schroeder at the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association.

November 8 2018

I was invited down to Wisconsin Rapids last week to speak on everything beekeeping. They told me over 200 registered for attendance. I met quite a few interesting people, beekeepers of all stripes. Sandy and I did not get an opportunity to buy any of our own meals 🙂 We were treated like Royalty. Both my presentations were well received. I am kind of out of my element speaking infront of crowds…especially the attention afterwards! It was the same in Nova Scotia, lots of interesting beekeepers interested in beekeeping, my favorite type.

My speaking doesn’t end here. I have been active with the MBA and we recently sat down with Miles Beaudin (Director of Primary Agriculture), Anastasia Kubinec (Manager of Crop Industry Development), and Tracey Drabyk-Zirk (Rural Leadership Specialist) to speak specifically towards the industry priorities outlined during our Ministers meeting back in August. I use to have trouble speaking up at anytime during any social setting. During that meeting my voice was heard.

Next week I have been invited to the Red River Apiarist Association to sit on a beekeeper panel. I am looking forward to this. Then later in the month Ive been asked to speak at the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association Convention held in Saskatoon. Two days, two presentations! Sandy and I will be driving up with a trailer load of cattle, as we deliver animals along the way 🙂

The snow has crept up on us, the cold has ended all land work and rushed all of our cattle facility maintenance work. At least the bees are in, well mostly…my last load still sits on the truck parked in the winter shed. I need to find time to get that load sorted into its spot within the winter shed ha ha!