July 16 2018

Thank you to all who came out to support the kids 4H projects at the Carman Country Fair. A tip of our hat to the community for acknowledging the purpose of this 4-H program. Hard work with these animals was evident throughout the cattle barns. 46 steers sold in the sale for a sale average of roughly $2.30 per lbs!
Our kids would like to thank the buyers of their steers:

Jeremy Giesbrecht – Green Valley Equipment
Scott Johnston – MMJS Law Office
Dennis Haig -Trouw Nutrition/Landmark Feeds
Helge By/ Cam Sparrow

Be sure to recognize the generous support of our buyers and mention how you understand the importance of this 4H program to our farming community

July 15 2018

Earlier start to the pull than latter. A strong start has filled the boxes so it looks to be a great start in the honey house.
I am Looking around and I’m noticing my flowers are disappearing. The canola has quickened off during last weeks extreme heat, farmers are cutting their hay and ditches are being mowed and hayed or sprayed off. This also appears to be a small clover year, unlike the thick towering plants like last year. Andre manages his rotation in such a way to promote clover growth. It’s a practice I lean on this time of year.
I hope rain falls soon. It will do everything good!

July 8 2018

Away for the week with the family out to Lake of the Woods Ontario, a little water front cottage we get the chance to rent through friends of the family. It’s a real treat to be back on the water. Swimming fishing relaxing, it’s where kids need to be and it’s a time I look forward to every year.

June 30 2018

I have made a point to keep all my MBA rambling thoughts and going ons off my blog and vlog posts…mostly. A shoot from the hip loud mouth director doesn’t fit association work very well. I try my hardest to respect the integrity of our association.
I do however channel all this energy through the board into communication projects to convey our message by maintaining a constant narrative. We have just gotten started. One of my most recent pet peves is speaking with Manitoba Beekeepers who don’t know what the MBA represents and don’t know what our industry needs from our government and industry. This is one line of communication we are addressing through social media, news media, events and our newsletter. The MBA needs to drive the narrative to its membership in order to keep the membership privy of our issues and ongoing business, so that the membership can inturn provide direction of our industry work!

Check out or Manitoba Beekeepers Association Facebook page to keep up to date news, issues and events happening in our Manitoba Beekeeping Industry.

June 27 2018

We’ve missed the rains that have scattered across southern Manitoba. Getting some right now would sure help perk that nectar flow up a bit. Everything is adding up. I have the bees, I have the boxes, I have the staff, I have the crop, I have that early nectar flow…all I need now are those continued timely rains.
We were later rearing queens this year. Our queen checks will take us right through first week of July. This will put us late for collecting a lot of summer honey off them but the intention is to build excellent hives for next year, a honey crop from this year is merely bonus. These queens look to be mating well. Roughly 80-85% success with excellent laying and vigour. Most are taking their full 2 weeks after hatch to start laying though…, which isn’t a bad thing but reminds us that patience is our asset here.

June 25 2018

Bee beard selfie with Provincial Apiarist Rheal Lafreniere at the Manitoba Beekeepers’ Association Bee Field Day.
His exact words were “this is the closest I’m getting to a bee beard” lol

We are just about finished inserting excluders, three yards tomorrow and then onto supering the nuc yards as they come ready with their queen checks. The flow has started hard right off the mark and these boxes are plugged with honey already! To me these hives look too strong but according to the brood nest, I’m right in target. I think the abundance of honey within the nest makes it appear massive. Time will tell, swarms will tell the truth on this matter. Fourths are heading out ASAP and then followed by assessments on 5ths. If this honey flow pace continues, the projected honey pull will start July 16th…so there I said it, let’s see how close I get to that start date!

June 23 2018

As time flys by, Miami Fair has come and gone. I’ve not only kept myself busy with the farm but I’ve also kept my thoughts busy with bees lately. Making time for the family is one thing I’ve tried my hardest to make priority for but making time for the family on the farm has been another challenge I’ve struggled at. As the dynamics of farm business change, so does the separation of farm from family. Except with 4-H.
4-H forces us to make the time “off the farm, on the farm” to work with our kids on farm projects. In our case, showing cattle. It’s a Connection to agriculture that will last a lifetime. It’s also time we can dedicate to involve our kids into the farm from our busy farm lives.