April 25 2018

The interest for local bee organization accross the province is stong. Two well established organizations, Red River Apiarist Association and the Brandon Area Beekeepers Association hold monthly meetings and regularly pull 50-100 area beekeepers to each meeting. I’ve been to each, the connection to beekeepers within the area is refreshing.
The appetite for a local bee organization within the south central region has been brewing for quite sometime. Just recently a couple of beekeepers from the south central area decided to officially create the South Central Beekeepers Association.
Their vision:
“We hope the formation of this Association will help connect local beekeepers, allowing the sharing of information, and boost our overall understanding of Beekeeping and industry in Southern Manitoba.”
Sounds like a great start!

The South Central Beekeeping Association will be held the first Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm at the Morden Libray on Stephen Street, back entrance.
Sounds like this first meeting will start off dealing with basic organization business and formalities, then will proceed with Beekeeping conversation from all levels of Beekeeping. The SCBA will have a direct connection to hobby beekeepers, all types of start ups, sideliners, experienced commercial and our provincial Beekeeping industry representatives. I’m excited this group has decided to form. The purpose and usefulness of this group will be what it’s members make it to be. Now I just gotta make sure they don’t label me with any positions 🙂

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