April 23 2018

Everyone tends to get a good laugh when I talk about the spring “shit storm” within the yards after we set the bees out of winter storage. This year was especially so. It’s a long winter when the bees are kept flightless for 5 1/2 months. When they are let loose, stay away!
This year the yards look messier than typically. Throughout my varroa sampling I also analyzed the samples for nosema. Through my untrained eyes, I see very little nosema infection. I will confirm this through a credible lab. Zero varroa…so disease free hives are good for a slow start on spring. The interesting thing about this is I’ve quit using fumagillin since last spring. And since then my nosema infection has been lower than for a long time. There is nothing scientific going on here, just plain old basic observations.

The bees are heavy into the dry supplement and taking back the open fed syrup. These bees are primed for the first pollen and nectar flow. Through today’s work I’ve noticed a sudden attention put towards the protein patties over the nest. This is encouraging to see. Finally a heavy resource draw from underneath.  Being a week out now, those first eggs have now staged into a high demand for resources. Resources I’ve provided outside with dry feed and inside with supplement patty. Bring on that pollen!