April 22 2018

With every management advantage there comes that balanced disadvantage. This spring I set most of my hives out into one large spring holding yard. Over the years I’ve lost my small availabile accessible spring yards due to land development but mostly public complaint. Spring bees are not nasty but bothersome. Without natural forage available early in the spring the bees will wander and linger, especially in farm and residential yards. I simply accommodate these complaints by not setting spring yards close to people…
So this is where my current yard comes into play, away from most, somewhat accessible and easy to drop a large number of hives over a short time. This yard is well protected from the northwest and along the escarpment which sets this yard into a slight heat sink. This yard has provided excellent set out conditions TIL now.
The problem came last nigh. She’s wide open from the south west and that was the blast we got last night. I couldn’t sleep last night knowing that yard had a cold wind on its back…so as quick as I have moved them in, I’ll move them back out. Many of my sheltered summer yards are dry and accessible now and pollen is close. I’m going to jump the gun a bit and start spreading my yards out over the countryside. I’m sure the good people of Miami will understand a few days of lingering Bee flight until those early trees bloom.