April 12 2018

As a farmer, I believe very strongly in responsible land use choices. We farm a diverse landscape, we manage our lands specifically to its land type as we utilize the lands for crop, pasture, muskeg pasture or left as natural ravine. Even lands we do not actively farm we view as a valuable to nature which our honey bees feed from.

As member of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association, your voice is being conveyed to our government on sustainable land development. This government must understand that all places of our lands don’t need to be farmed and society must start valuing these wetlands and other natural unfarmable lands. We need to get creative to address this increasing problem.
Here is a beekeeper message I received yesterday after my meeting with the Minister of Agriculture;

“I see you are working at saving some wetlands. Sure hope you have some luck. My friend who’s a outfitter for waterfowl is totally frustrated! Farmer drained a named water body by ###### last fall. No one returned his calls, and no charges were laid. This wasn’t just a little puddle, it was a substantial wetland drainage project. Total joke. My friend even called the head of water stewardship directly. Could never get through. He left a message saying this farmer was going to drain a large body of water hoping to get a call back. never did! He deals with natural resources all the time and is totally frustrated. This substantial slew/lake that was drained is only a couple miles from a game wardens house. Nobody cares!!!
This same farmer has done some sketchy stuff close to my house as well. Re routing creeks etc. “

It’s these kind of situations that need addressing. As a voice for the MBA, we are not interested in criticizing routene land improvement projects, infact we encourage it. Our voice from the MBA insists on beefing up enforcement of illegal works and to stiffen up penalties towards these acts. We also believe programs need to be adopted to promote wetland and natural land preservation to provide recognition to the land owners for their contribution and ongoing efforts. Land tax rebates and incentives to start off the list of action.

As this problem gets worst our voice will get louder. Without those little pockets of nature available, our bees will die along side everything else natural. Your voice through the Manitoba Beekeepers Association will be heard!