April 11 2018

The Manitoba Beekeeper’s Association with the Manitoba Minister of Agriculture.
Paul Gregory, Ian Steppler, Allan Campbell, Ralph Eichler-Minister of Agriculture.
Our job as directors of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association is to represent your industry voice to our provincial government.
Today we met with the minister, deputy, and their executive assistants. Our discussion prioritized the importance of our Provincial Apiarist and our provincial Beekeeping extension services. Our government extension commitment is about to come due and we reinforced the importance of reinstating the program but to recognize the growth and change within our Beekeeping industry. We then complemented that discussion by demonstrating the benefit of the development of a Tech Transfer Team within our industry. Paul and Allan carried that heavy messaging as I followed in their coat tails. My job was to convey the messsge of sustainable land development and how it relates to our honeybee industry. I spoke about the importance of pollen diversity and how it relates to honey bee health. I then related it all to our changing landscape and reinforce the fact that we are loosing our natural pollen. My message reinforced our MBA member voice on having this government hold illegal land development works to task and ensure water stewardship has authority to properly enforcement penalties that will stop illegal wetland development. I told him I am not against cutting Red tape and streamlining the permit process on land improvement initiatives. Common sense needs to rule the day. I conveyed the message that it’s this government’s responsibility to beef up enforcement and to protect our natural lands. It’s this governments responsibility to develop initiatives to help protect our natural lands and find a way to put value on these lands as being important to society by keeping our bees and nature alive. Otherwise in 10 years nature will be dead along with our bees.
Within these meetings we look for small victories and I think that came after the meeting. Paul asked for a November follow up meeting to discuss movement on our issues forward. The deputy responded, June. 🙂