April 10 2018

The Manitoba Beekeepers Association is conveying the message to the Manitoba Government on the importance of sustainable land development and we are relaying the message on how important natural lands and wetlands are to the honey bee industry.  Today I talked on the phone with Dan Mazier, president of Keystone Agriculture Producers about the imbalance between current agriculture policy and sustainable land development.  He currently sits on the provincial drainage regulation task force that’s working on regulation changes that are required for Bill 7 to be implemented.  My voice to Dan was to commend the provincial government for their efforts to cut the bull shit red tape to streamline our land improvement projects but at the same time press the government on the importance to beef up Water Stewardship Enforcement of illegal works and penalties.  Adequate enforcement is something that is terribly lacking right now.
In regards to wetland and natural habitat preservation the MBA has aligned our message with KAP which supports the GROW program (Growing Outcomes for Watersheds) based on the initial ALUS initiative (alternative land use services) model. These proposed programs are important to Beekeeper’s because of its focus on preserving natural habitat and existing wetlands which provide our hives with abundant and diverse pollen from flowering plants.

My Voice towards these proposed initiatives is that farmers need some sort of land tax rebate incentive to provide true value and recognition for their sustainable land management efforts.  Not only do we need to change the way we view our land management, we need to also support the already existing and ongoing land conservation efforts in place right now.
As we move forward, lend your voice and comment on these initiatives! Don’t hesitate to contact myself or anyone sitting on the MBA and make your voice heard!

GROW – GRowing Outcomes in Watersheds