April 9 2018 -2

On a conference call with other Manitoba Beekeepers Association directors this morning preparing some speaking points for the Minister of Agriculture on April 11th.
We discussed a wide range of priority items. Starting with the #1 issue, to assert the importance of our Provincial Apiarist and to reinforce the importance of supporting extension services. Next we will lobby the government to support a Tech Transfer initiative which would focus on the immediate beekeeper issues of our industry through research, workshops and furthering education. During the meeting we will represent producers who continue to be plagued with bear and wildlife damage. And the priority I will communicate to the minister Is the importance of sustainable land management and to simply set a seed to the minister on how important wetland and native lands are to honey bee and native pollinator health. Then I’ll follow up with a proactive approach on how to use Carbon Tax money to promote preservation of our wetlands and native areas.
The three of us have a lot of ground to cover with the minister in the 45 minutes. I’m looking forward to the meeting!