February 2 2018

As a Manitoba Corn, Soybean, Canola producer AND Beekeeper I’m going to submit a Canadian Farmers Grow Communities application to suggest support given to the Manitoba Beekeepers Association (not for profit)

Specifically in regards to helping the Association put together enough funds to build a business plan, the first step needed for the membership , to develop A Tech Transfer Team.

A Tech Transfer Team is desperately needed for the beekeepers in Manitoba. Bee health in our industry is at grave concerns and the beekeepers in Manitoba need an industry led function to help focus on the issues of bee health and bee disease down at bee hive level.

Beekeepers in Manitoba, like beekeepers all over the world, are having trouble translating all the latest research developments down to their Beekeeping operations. A Tech Transfer team would bridge the disconnect and with all the information available help build useful practical applications for beekeepers to help improve our hive management practices.

Anyone else who knows our Beekeeping challenges or anyone else who cares deeply about the state of our Beekeeping industry, consider suggesting the (not for profit) MBA as the Choice for the Canadian Farmers Grow Communities program.

I strongly feel Monsanto has a responsibility towards supporting beekeepers with their efforts of adapting to the new realities of Agricultural farming practice. The Beekeeping industry has been ignored as changing cropping practices greatly effect everything within our hive management. The tremendous success farmers achieve using Monsanto’s products negatively effect our bees, not so much through residue concerns but more so with nutrition. Farmers call them weeds, beekeepers call them food.
I applaud Monsanto’s attention towards these issues and hope we see unrestricted support ahead.

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