Ezyloader Cradle

I have been getting a lot of feed back from my Youtube video showing my guys pulling honey with the Ezyloader 300 .  I have been asked to post some pictures of the machines cradle to help explain how the box grabbing mechanism works.

The cradle was designed specifically for beekeeping purposes.  The cradle is light weight, durable and set up with a wireless remote activated with a toggle switch so that the beekeeper can operate the winch without having to let go of the cradles handles.  The main frame is adjustable allowing its extension by pulling two spring pins.

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The cradle I had chosen is set up with specialized arms which grab into the hand holds  of the boxes.  These arms reach on each side of the hive and drop a hinging plate into the handhold of the box.  As the cradle lifts, the plates automatically grab the box.  As the load is let down, the plates automatically release so the cradle can be taken away.  The cradle is set up so that tines or box grabbers can be used interchangeably using a spring pin to secure the chosen attachment in place. 100_0886 100_0884100_0882