Monthly Archives: September 2018

September 30 2018

We called in a class 8 9540 Massey Ferguson combine this weekend. We have 1000 acres of soys, corn and sunflowers ahead of us and we have learnt not to trust October weather…call in the big gun early, not late. We received 2 nights of hard frost over the weekend, which is good. It will help dry down the wet corn and sunflower crop and quicken things up. The drier has run 24 hr for the last week on fields not as wet.

September 22 2018

For me harvest has started on July 16 with honey. I’ve been involved with pulling in the farm’s lucrative bounty continuously since then. We have the corn silage chopped and in s pile now. We pulled into the beans and fired the drier to start the corn. The weather pressures are close to being lifted as we take off these late season crops. The work doesn’t end but the harvest stress does.

September 3 2018

September 8-15th is the Pollinator Partnership’s second annual Mite-A-Thon and you are invited to participate!

The Mite-A-Thon is a Tri-national (Canada, United States, and Mexico) effort to raise awareness about honey bee colony Varroa infestations levels in North America.

Mite level data including apiary location, total number of honey bee colonies, number of colonies tested, local habitat, and the number of Varroa mites counted from each tested colony is to be uploaded to the following website:

The underlying goal of this initiative is to encourage beekeepers to simply monitor for Varroa Mites in their honey bee colonies.