Monthly Archives: August 2018

Long hours make for long days, days of the week means nothing as they all blend together and our timeline follows how ever long it takes to finish that field or bin for the night.
I love it, it’s what we are geared for!

August 4 2018

The last of first pull is in my hot room, 170 drums extracted and the crew has the long weekend off. Second pull starts on Tuesday. We’ve been making our way around assessing hives and to identify problem queenless hives. I’ve noticed a lot of Queen replacements, very little swarming and short on honey stores. We’ve been stripping empty boxes as we go. Just a little more rain these boxes would be full…
The queenless units get a Queen Cell to spark up life again. I’m finding 2-3 per yard. We might be early on some of these units but if there happens to be a new queen running around inside she will simply tear down the cell. Otherwise the cell will begin to reinstate a functional nest again.
I will decide after this weekend of syrup gets set out or not. Hopefully a weekend rain will spark up a nectar flow which will provide surplus for the hives to sit on until September.

August 2 2018

Building nucs, pulling honey. These nucs are cooking. The slow down with our honey flow has resulted in a lighter honey pull off the later nucs, but the development is impressive. I have not seen these hives for quite a while. The boxes overhead provided me with the ability to build them out without needing to spend much attention towards them