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February 25 2018

Welcoming the 2018 Manitoba Beekeeper’s Association board of directors;
Marg Smith
Allen Campbell – CHC Director
Osee Podolsky
Brad Hogg
Ian Steppler
Mark Friesen – President
Paul Gregory – KAP Delegate, Vice Pres
Jeff Warburton

Let us welcome two new directors to the Manitoba Beekeeper’s Association board;
Ian Steppler , Miami MB
Osee Podolsky, Ethelbert MB

February 23 2018

Mark up another personal first for this winter, I’m breaking new ground. Today I occupied one of the chairs of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association. This is a big deal for me. I take this role extremely seriously, and with this chair I took on responsibilities I felt comfortable I could contribute towards.
I’m sitting as second or third committee member on three projects; convention, communications and pesticide management. I have lots of ideas and energy to spend on these projects. I have also taken the chair on research. This role might be a bit beyond me and I’ll need help to understand all the processes. I have soo much balled up energy to use towards this research committee that I want to see If whst I have imagined Is actually possible. Time will tell 🙂

February 21 2018

Social media is quite an interesting medium. To Connect with people and “know” people without actually meeting or “knowing” them. At this years Manitoba Beekeepers Association 112th annual convention, I have been properly introduced to many of those I regularly chat over text.

The convention was well attended and I feel the content was awesome. I hope to be able to contribute towards next years efforts.

I pulled the truck into the morden truck wash yesterday to wash her down before I get into maintenance. Looking back, typically, the bee year starts NOW! Rock and Roll,

February 18 2018

The 112th Manitoba Beekeeper’s Association has come and gone, the crew put on a great show. Busy for me, accepting a seat on the board.
I also gave a presentation during their Beekeeper Workshop, aimed towards those beekeepers transitioning towards a commercial model. A topic that requires 6 hrs, I briefed into 1/2 hr of bare bone basic strategies which hinge on my success and growth.
Check it out!

February 14 2018

Saturday afternoon February 17, at the Hilton Airport Suits, Winnipeg MB, the MBA has put together a spring and summer management Beekeeping Workshop as part of their annual convention.

Johnathan Hofer, Elie MB
Scott Plante St-Nicolas PQ
Ian Steppler ( 🙂 ) Miami MB

The afternoon workshop is $25, which will buy you a Beekeeping Perspective from hobby right straight through to commercial Beekeeping management.

My presentation is geared from a commercial perspective but more so focusing on a few fundamental management techniques I use which enabled me to transition from a sideline to a commercial Beekeeping operation. I could talk for hours but Because of my time constraint, I’ll focus on three basic points which enables my success. How and why I assessments my hives during spring, my hive split method, and my insight into the importance of nutrition.

Hope to see you all there!

Manitoba convention and AGM information and registration!

February 13 2018

Here is the link to the presentation I did at the Pembina Valley Beekeepers meeting last night. You know, I yap yap yap, but the interesting parts of the presentation was from the conversation spurred from the continual group feedback.

Today Sandy and I spent the morning watching our kids curl. Nice relaxing morning followed by an afternoon of thawing stock waterers. I can accurately tell you the frost line is 5 1/2 feet down. Damn that wind today…

February 10 2018

I was invited to speak on seasonal disease and feeding management at the Pembina Valley Beekeepers meeting on Monday, February 12, 7:00 back door in the Morden library basement. I put a little something together. It’s going to be pretty casual, looking forward to it.

February 7 2018

Sandy and I have been pushing ahead with a major basement renovation project. We made a deal with the kids, purge the toys and we will move in the old family pool table. They called our bluff, cleared the toys out and sent them to MCC. Sandy and I followed through and brought in the pool table…but not before new flooring. That pool table sure forced our renovation commitment. We can’t put flooring down after the table is moved in!! New floor comes with new walls…so right now we are halfway through the painting project.
The room is going to look nice after we are done. It’s going to be a nice change from a basements full of old toys.