Monthly Archives: January 2018

January 31 2018

I’m getting feedback in two ways;
-frustration that I’m not keeping my written blog up
-huge encouragement that I’m putting out continual videos

I kinda miss contributing to the blog. I use this place to reflect on the week and month passed to remind me of all that was accomplished. I have a bad habit of not acknowledging of all my accomplishments. So I gotta keep posting here to keep reminding!

These videos are extremely fun and the amount of interaction I’m getting from beekeepers abroad is staggering. I have three guys, from three different countries translating every video for “their” Beekeeping people, LOL! I love it! And I just hope in repayment for using my material, that they again pay the good will forward…I guess translating my videos is paying the good will forward lol

I’ve gotten my MBA presentation prepared and I’m nervous as hell. Practice in front of the camera and listening to myself speak is helping a lot. Besides the MBA convention I have 3 other speaking engagements over the next 2 months. Two small farm related presentations and another “to be announced” farm acceptance presentation.
Accepting to talk at Kelowna was like opening that barn door a crack…and it swung wide open!!!!
It’s fun, it’s helping my social skills tremendously. This is what I needed to help make these next steps, to where I really put my money where my mouth is

January 12 2018

Here is some of my insight behind how I understand the mechanisms behind the escape board function. I believe by manipulating the hives normal behaviour within our management helps reduce all our management stresses on the hives. The less we disrupt, the less we interfere with all those colony dynamics we do not see going on inside the hives.
Less stress, healthier hives.

January 11 2018

It’s called opening my big mouth and sometimes expressing strong opinions get me into trouble… When I write blog posts or edit together vlogs, typically I speak directly towards one or two individuals who I relate the topic in hand. This post no different.
I’m getting extremely tired of the lazy weak argument in regards to addressing problems in our industry of “we never use to have to”, or “we never had to before, we shouldn’t have to now”.
One consistent factor that stems within all multigenerational businesses is their ability to acknowledge, accept and embrace change. An interesting quote was messaged to me today, quoted from George Bernard Shaw;
“Those who say it can not be done, should not get in the way of those who are doing it.”

January 10 2018

I’ve been asked, and I’ve accepted writing a column as a Canadian correspondent for a European Beekeeping magazine called the Beekeeper Quarterly. My column is geared around Canadian Beekeeping. The more I connect with beekeepers abroad the more I realize Canadian Beekeeping is quite unique world wide. Kind of a cool little project, I’ll see where it leads.
I’ve been making videos on YouTube in regards to actual Beekeeper feedback and questions and I have found by doing so I have started a huge conversation which has started to spin on top of me. So much feedback from all types of beekeepers but most from that middle sized beekeeper who is aspiring to make that next set up into a commercial operation. I find myself speaking to these issues as if I’m speaking to my former self. As I built my business, I went through all these states and steps and I know every question Beekeepers ask because I also searched endlessly to find answers to them.
I’ve been asked to speak at our local MBA convention Feb 16-17, on the Saturday about making that next step into a commercial operation. I think it should be interesting. I’m not overly fond of getting back up infront of the crowd but I’m sure my content will lead me the way again,