Monthly Archives: December 2017

December 26 2017

The winter cold has set in and my forecast shows an extended period ahead. Calving will start anytime now, scheduled to start beginning of January so I hope it breaks and gives us some moderate weather. Christmas Day was spent warming and starting the three tractors of the four that need starting everyday to feed and bed our livestock. The cold shows us all the flaws. Poor cables, weak batteries, and starter failures…
Today everything started.

December 22 2017

Here is my main presentation I gave to the BCHPA in Kelowna back in October.
A little nervous off the start and just about lost the crowd half way through but I got through. I’ll mark this up as quite the experience. The link below is my last presentation. For some reason it would not display as a graphic icon;

A look inside a Prairie Beekeeping Operation

below is my second presentation on sustainabile queen rearing

December 21 2017

Oh the cold has chilled my bones again today. Nothing we can’t handle and nothing we haven’t experienced before. I laughed at the weather statement environment Canada has set out tonight for this weekend…do we really need a special weather statement remind us that our winter gets cold?? What a joke, and stirs up a lot of chatter over winter conditions well within the range of our expectations! Ha ha, this cold will surely reveal all the weak batteries and broken block heater cords on our chore machinery.

December 19 2017

Here is one of my presentations at the BCHPA convention at Kelowna. I can’t get the other two to link, but I’ll get them linked over shortly. This presentation was on my self sustaining queen program.

December 17 2017

I’ve put together a video explaining in detail some of what I do around the honey season. I’m a bit long winded but the content is solid. This is basically to satisfy many of those inquiries about how I manage in singles, more of a hands on approach will be provided throughout this upcoming season.
The question I get asked the most is in regards to swarming. You will notice the extreme amount of attention I direct towards not only swarm conditions but also colony growth…the two go hand in hand. Hope it helps, enjoy!

Let the skating fun begin !!