Monthly Archives: November 2017

November 23 2017

This mild spell has put a demand on my air exchange systems. Today the temp hovered around zero, tonight I’ve noticed the outdoor temp had risen to 7degreesC. Max air flows are holding the shed a degree over these warm outdoor temps.

Adam and I spent the morning listening to a number of soil related speakers in regards to chem soil residue, fertility and cropping options. Our farm hires an independent agronomist company (field 2 field ) who put together today’s informational seminar.

Between this, wax work and some wasted time around the honey house I didn’t get much done around the farm. Facility maintenance has been a slow process. Chipping away at the fence disrepair..,

November 21 2017

Andre is at Agribition this week with a full show string of sale heifers. The animals look terrific and he’s had a lot of foot traffic. I think the Charilais shows are later in the week. He will be tired when he gets home. I’d you are in town, look him up!

November 18 2017

The problem with repurposed equipment is that it’s not built to spec. Rather it’s specs are used to fit the job. In this case, I’ve repurposed my old honey sump to render and melt wax. It’s great except for the two “inlets”, which the extractor and spinner honey use to flow into the sump, now occasionally overflow wax out of the sump. Of course duck tape was used to seal off these openings. Perhaps I’ll get off that Red Green duck tape theme and properly seal off those inlets… lol
No harm done. I’ll scrape the wax down and melt it again.

Only our yearling stock have been sorted into our farm yard penning. They are our heifer and bull sales stock so they receive special attention. The rest of the entire herd bed down around along sheltered field edges and open clearings throughout our ravines close to the farm yard. We feed silage to the herd daily in those surrounding fields.
Once the weather turns bitter cold or the snow drifts make field bunk feeding too difficult we will move the herd into the yard for protection and sort them into their winter penning.

December 16 2017

I put together a video describing how I use my bee hive tracking cards. Probably the most popular email question I have been getting since I started videoing my hives are questions in regards to these tags. The information I convey on the cards is basic and simply useful. I try not to get too detailed with information because as we all know…only the bees truly know their own details, we just try our best to track their progress. lol
Hope the video is useful.

November 15 2017 -2

The entrance reducers are all pulled, just the nucs to open up tomorrow. I’m happy to have that job done.

The heifer videos are uploaded to our website. You can find the link to our Steppler Farms YouTube channel playlist and view all of our sale heifer videos. Actually not all of them are up yet…another 15 to Video tomorrow which I’ll have up by Friday .

November 15 2017

I had Carrie start removing entrance reducers yesterday morning. Yesterday was a mild weather day so I could not cool the shed down with the fans to push the bees into a tight cluster. The hive entrances were just too full with bees to pull entrances without getting stung up. So we will try again today. The cooler day might help pull those bees inside.
Carrie has finished up all the maintenance bee jobs for the fall. She will work at wax and a few other things until Friday when she will be laid off for the winter. The bee season officially comes to a close. A break from these bugs for a while will help us gain back our “sanity”, then fresh back at it in March..!