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December 26 2016



Another foot of snow last night. I spent Boxing Day on the snow blower clearing alleyways and pen entrances ahead of the feed wagon and the bale shredder. The yard was simply plugged, and probably will be again tomorrow from this damn wind. Without that snow blower we would be crippled with snow banks. Today I took advantage of the wind while blowing snow. This machine tosses the snow 50′ into the air which the wind nicely blew into the bush. We can manage snow uptop, the mud underneath is causing a continuous headache… We have driven the frost down in most places by now but we still find soft spots. With the ice underneath the snow, it takes more wheels to tug the tow rope.




December 21 2016


Christmas tree magic; lights, decorations, presents.  The kids have spent hours under that wonderful ragged Christmas tree.  Gazing at the lights and playing with my old train set assembling and reassembling that Christmas light village.  Every night we watch another Christmas classic…my favourite, Garfield Christmas Special.

December 19 2016


Christmas is close! Our house is practically spinning with excitement.  Sandy and I slipped away last Saturday night without kids, hit our small town and enjoyed some Christmas spirit.  Our farm is thriving, our family is healthy and growing, our free time has disappeared.  Living life by the moment.

December 16 2016


Cold cold cold, ’tis the season when the air hurts to breath. The winter sheds vent fan has decreased to idle and the shed temp holds at 4 degreesC. Most of the hives have pulled back inside the hives now. Next time I get a chance I’ll pull the hive reducers out.

December 13 2016

A view of the heifer sale over internet

A view of the heifer sale over internet

It was cold outside but hot in the sales barn yesterday.  A nice crowd came out for the sale, guys from British Columbia, Alberta right across to Quebec made it out while many joined the sale on the phone and watched online.

  • High seller, Lot 10 went to Dale McKay of Brandon $22,000.
  • Lot 2, Springside Farms, Airdrie AB & Circle Cee Charolais, Lamont AB $17,500
  • Lot 4, Springside Farms, Airdrie AB & Connection Cattle Co. Lorette MB $17000
  • Lot 1, Elder Charolais, Coronach SK $15000

6 cow/calf pairs  ave. $13758

3 Bred Cows ave. $10317

23 bred heifers ave. $6137

5 heifer calf ave. $4760

Average sale price of $7525

The farm is pleased and we thank everyone who came out to the barn, hung on the phone and watched live over the web.  As we put another sale under our belt our increased sales experience has made holding these livestock sales easier but the humbling factor remains the same.  Anyone who has held an auction sales understands exactly what that means.  Thank you for the support and good luck to the upcoming calving season.



December 12 2016


Sale day!  Time to put two months of renovations into action.  Andre has been steady working PR all fall while the rest of us took on a huge facility renovation project.  Our cattle handling facility is now in place undercover which we have modified to be used also as up chutes for our livestock sales.

A Piece of the Program female sale starts today 1:00 sharp.  Watch it live at

December 10 2016


Sandy feeding our premie (Jan 13th). We were out for drinks and LATE getting back for her supper…she was not happy!
No joke, after Dad and I assisted her birth she shook her head and tried standing up before she took her first breath.
The kids call her Blizzard.

December 6 2016


Geoff set up a high resolution camera surveillance system in four of our calving barns. Using our farm tower he set up a closed network which we can log onto with any of our devices within our yard to check the animals. Each camera rotates 360 degrees controled from our laptop or mobile devices. We can zoom 250′ and read the fine print on the animals tags…! This tech is quite amazing.


This is why we maintain paddock wind breaks. The animals are huddled contently in behind the shelter chewing their cud.   Today we called the hired men off as all roads are impassible due to a heavy snow fall and 80 km/hr wind, truly a Manitoba blizzard!  Chore basics until this weather blows over.