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December 2011

December 17, 2011

December 2011

Time is flying by.  Its already middle of December!

I have been busy renovating the house, aka painting and tiling the bath tub.  I have a few more projects left to do before I have things ready for Christmas.  This kind of work takes for ever because of all the daily interruptions around the house.  Anyway things are looking good and the kids are bouncing about Christmas.

I am having trouble with the videos that I have attached and from the comments Im getting no body else is able to watch them either.  Im going to try using YouTube to make things work simpler.  I also have a bunch of pics and videos to add for anyone interested.  Nothing new, just the same old same old but someone might find them useful.  Im also going to load a few vids of our silage run.  Three trucks running full tilt to keep up to the massive forage harvester.  It takes off 15-20 tonnes per acre running 8 miles per hour grinding over 10 acres/ hour!  Thats what 500-600 horsepower and $500 000 will buy you!

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December 07, 2011

December 2011

BeeMaids annual general meeting was held yesterday.  I had planned to attend but had to change my plans because of a house hold of sick kids.  Ahhhhh,…  That time of year again.

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December 04, 2011

December 2011

Our farm has made a livestock sale to a large farm in Kazakhstan selling them heifer and bull calves for premium prices.  Yesterday we received a visit from the actual buyer himself and from one of his neighbours who farms within the same region.  The neighbour is also interested in purchasing cattle and was very interested in the way we managed out operation.  I dont know if it will lead into future sales, but their interest is flattering.  We have sold many animal across this country to many reputable primary livestock producers but this sale to Kazakhstan is a first over seas sale for our farm.

I just want to mention the scale of the farms these fellows run.  The Fellow who bought our livestock farms 150 000 acres of crop land and is building a herd of over 5000 head.  Just to put this into perspective, he just recently bought 100 50′ air seeders to sew the crop next spring!!!!  The other fellow who accompanied the visit run 1 000 000 acres of farmland and is interested in investing into cattle to run on some of the less productive land of his farming operation.  This kind of scale boggles my mind and I cant really grasp the whole concept of these farming operations.  Totally different political and economic factors in Kazakhstan which allow for such wealth and growth.  I do believe the land scape and productiveness of the land is much what we have here, and I think that is the reason why they are choosing to do business with our area within our country.  I hear of Kazakhstan alot in the grain markets and always wondered why thier production new moved the market so much but apparently they are one of the worlds top grain producers.


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