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August 2011

August 10, 2011

August 2011

Finished extracting the last of the boxes of the first pull today.  Total intake of honey was 55000 lbs averaging roughly 80 lbs per hive.  This first pull wasn’t as packed full as other years because the honey was taken off the hive a bit sooner than other years.  The moisture tested 18-18.5% through out the extraction up until the end when we started bringing in plugged boxes and 17% MC.  This shows the trend that’s happening now in my yards, hives packed full of honey.

The hives are packing in the honey faster than I can take boxes out to them.  I have been sending the boxes out the door and supering up in the evenings with everything that I have trying to keep space ahead of the hives.  The canola bloom still has a good week left in it around all my yards and second cut alfalfa is starting to bloom.  Very little sunflower this year.  Second pull is scheduled to start on Saturday and Im anticipating a pull heavier than the first.  Things are working very well thus far and I have a crew rearing to go.  The next two days are filled up with yard mowing, hive prep and honey house clean up.

With this strong long honey flow work has been very pleasant.  We have kinda forgotten what robbing is like, we have been working with the honey house door open for most of the first flow!  The honey has extracted hot and it has come out of the comb beautifully.  I hope this heat remains for a couple or more weeks.  Its nice not having to worry about cool nights and granulated honey.

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