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October 2010

October 23, 2010

Late Fall

In the month of October, we experienced about 5-7 days of an Indian summer.  20 degree days, mild nights, beautiful weather.  The bees sucked it right up!

All my feeding went well, all my feed is gone.  14000 liters of it.  My medication round went real well, knocked down mite counts.  All my strips are out now.  I have grouped my hives and started bringing them in closer to the yard.  I stil hve some strapping to do, hoping to get things done this week.  Sounds like snow is on its way!  Hope to get some time afterwards to finish up my work and get the bees inside.

while taking the strips out, I noticed my hives are looking alright.  Most all hives are holding 2 boxes of bees, and the rest residing in one box.  Fingers crossed, but I cant help but hope I will be able to break my bad wintering average.  I am noticing deformed wings virus though, so who knows.  But what I am seeing now is good looking hives.

Land work is going well.  Everything has been tilled once.  Actually a bit of rain on the tilled fields would make the second pass work nice.  Bales are coming in.  many to go.  Cattle are still grazing in the pastures.  Lots of grass this year.

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