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September 2010

September 24, 2010

Combining went well,
got wheat off during the nice Aug weather, didnt quite finish before the rains came. Had to dry the last of the wheat and all the canola. Huge yields, top grades. Done and Done,
well except 20 acres in a wet corner

5 miles south of here and right to the boarder, lots of crop standing yet, cant get to it because of wet fields. They got way more rain than us,
Kind of a wait and see mood there now

We still have couple hundred acres of second cut to go. about 100 acres went down just as the rains came. Just wait til better weather comes. the quality has passed, so its a matter of getting some second cut roughage now. We had a real good first round of haying, 2500 bales with little rain, good quality, so we are sitting alright even without the second cut

Tested my mite loads, first bunch 1.5% second bunch 4%. Not as bad as I first thought.
Hives look good, mites or no mites. Full boxes of bees. Taking syrup well. I jsut finished my first round. Now making a second to treat my 4% yards with Apistan to knock down some counts. I tested Apistan and it worked surprisingly well on my test hive. I dont want to use Apivar this time of year because I like to save my heavy guns for spring treatment. Not using fomic, maybe next spring.

I think this will be the last time I chase a September flow. I had the bees, and the flowers, but didnt get the weather. I made an extra 2 weeks of work for 7 barrels of honey. Put me way behind the 8 ball and made work difficult due to the weather. If I had a real problem with mites, I would of been in real trouble right now,.
Anyway thats a hard call to make, because honey bounding the nest isnt good either. Might as well sell that honey and and get medications and syrup donw there,

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September 03, 2010

Honey Pull

I have alot to comment on this last month and a half.  What I am going to do is comment on the loader and escape boards later, when I have time to express my experience on it, and briefly comment on the honey flow up til now.  Brief, because I am tired but what to summarize to make future postings more manageable.  Rain has moved in, stopped things completely with harvest.  Kinda like our spring.  Excellent start, followed by a stubborn rain delay.

I always seem to get behind during the first pull.  It happens every year.  I miss judge progress every time, and by the time I get to the last yard , they are plugged full of honey.  My biggest problem is too few boxes.  Another problem is I start too late.  If I could just figure out how to super my hives less on the starting hives, to pull earlier while providing the later hives with more space allowing me wiggle room.

Honey flowed real nice during the first and second flows.  Canola leading into sunflower, alfalfa and buckwheat.  Looking like there could be a third flow.  All depends on how much time I allow the hives before I strip the hives to ready them for winter.  Things were looking great till the wet weather came.  This last week would of topped the boxes off.  Now the question is to pull them now as planned or wait another week and hope the heat persists.  Honey will flow here if the heat resumes.

So far I barreled 107000 lbs.  I am happy with that.  And that averages out to 150 lbs per hive so far.  Seems like that number should be much higher on a per hive basis, but I  have included all my hives, wintered, splits, nucs, packages, in that average.

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