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May 2010

May 07, 2010

Spring Work

I have been real busy these last few weeks.  April has been a beautiful month of warmth.  The hives responding nicely.  I had to step aside from the hive work for a week to help put the crop in.  We started seeding April 20th and finished 1100 acres of wheat on the 27th or so.  Most years we dont start til the 27th!  We still have canola to put in, but we felt we should wait til May.  The land worked well, we were able to work the land corner to corner.

Then the rain started, and we have been in a cool wet period for about a week or so.  90 mm in total.  Lots of rain, but well needed.  Now we need warmth and sun again to resume our spring.

I bought 100 packages from NZ, and have hived them throughout this unfavourable weather.  Actually, it has worked out well.  The days I received the packages, I have had opportunity to hive them without delay.  The weather is cool, holding the bees from flight, so as I dump them into the hives, I can manage drift easily.  Because of this I am also able to work earlier after supper.  This has allowed me 2-3 hours of work time instead of only 1 hour.  I can easily hive 40 packages at one drop.

Queen start arriving next Wednesday.  Hoping the weather improves so I can start hive work again.  I have alot of work ahead ofme.  I think the hives will be ready for the split when I get to them.

My Eyzloader has arrived so we have been busy building the deck on my truck.  Really I should have been scraping boxes, but I felt getting the loader installed now would be real convenient for my spring work.  I still have time to get my equipment ready.


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