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May 2009

May 30, 2009

Spring Work

Boy, what a slow spring!  This has been one of the latest springs I have recorded.  The Trees finally came out by the middle to end of May, and the dandelions have just made their appearance.  The weather has been cool and wet.  It has made not only my bee work a challenge but also we struggled to get the crop in.  1800 acres in and growing, another 300 or so to go.  The last 300 is wet and will be a challenge to seed in good time.  At least things are growing now, and everything seems to be progressing once again.

I have finished the split, starting May 15 and ended May24.  It was a challenge working between cold days and made planning almost impossible, but we battled and the hives gave us 200 splits.  I requeened another 100 hives with the extra queen on order and finished up the last of the splits with an extra 25 queens on order.  The queen took very well this spring giving me an overall average of 98% acceptance.  I had two poor queens that came with my packages (23) and very few hit and miss problems over the splits.  Second boxes are already on them, they are ready to go!

The split has almost made up for the losses, but considering the slow spring, we did good.  Now I hope the weather improves to allow the bees to build up to the late canola flow ahead of us,


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