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March 2009

March 17, 2009

Wintering Shed

The weather has improved dramatically.  Finally we seem to have come out of the deep freeze to a few pleasant days, although windy.

The bees in the shed are getting restless and impatient of springs arrival.  The dead are mounting on the floor, and the building sounds of random impatient buzzing bees wandering into the darkness.  I have tried to stay right out of the building to relieve them of any unnecessary stress, only to keep a close eye on the ventilation fan operation.

The fans are working great; they do exactly as I expected them to.  I am glad I installed a two fan system.  Monday’s temperature reached 6 degrees C, and the fans kept the temp to that and no more.

Long range looks promising; perhaps if the weather continues to improve, we might just get a chance to put out the hive by the months end.  Last year was real late, putting the bees out two weeks into April.  Let’s hope we don’t see that again this spring!

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