December 1 2017

This time of year I’m able to take a break from my honey farm responsibilities and help out with other farm related work. However, as farm president I have a specific set of responsibilities I attend to. This time of year is when I take the opportunity to dig into this core business work. Financials, budgets, projections, planning strategies, and farm account management. Core business work to the undercurrents of our farm operation. I love doing this kinda work but at times I struggle to stay focused on the task ahead of me…hence the reason I’ve uploaded so many bee related YouTube videos lately…lol
Half hour here and half an hour there editing bee videos helps me clear my mind with a change of thought. Otherwise those year after year productivity ratios and multi scenario projected debt servicing ratios start to dull tremendously! If you are interested in my take on pliable inner covers and top entrances, check out my latest video blog posted up top.

November 23 2017

This mild spell has put a demand on my air exchange systems. Today the temp hovered around zero, tonight I’ve noticed the outdoor temp had risen to 7degreesC. Max air flows are holding the shed a degree over these warm outdoor temps.

Adam and I spent the morning listening to a number of soil related speakers in regards to chem soil residue, fertility and cropping options. Our farm hires an independent agronomist company (field 2 field ) who put together today’s informational seminar.

Between this, wax work and some wasted time around the honey house I didn’t get much done around the farm. Facility maintenance has been a slow process. Chipping away at the fence disrepair..,